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Why are my drains backing up?
a) Is it in all sinks, tubs, commodes, washers, etc., or is it isolated to one drain? If only at one drain, it is usually not going to be a septic problem.
b) If all the drains are not working. Here are a few things to check. Are there any alarms going off from the control boxes? Alarms would indicate high water. CALL HURT'S.

Pull clean out, labeled P on drawing, and check if full of water. If clean out is full the blockage might be between the clean out and tanks, or the tanks might be full. Tanks full and no alarms going off might indicate there is no problem with the system.

Check your main breaker in the breaker panel and also check breakers in septic control boxes. If breakers are tripped, reset the breakers.

If there is no water in the clean out outside and the drains will not drain, this would indicate the problem is in plumbing under the house. This will be a plumbers problem, not Hurt's.

I have an alarm sounding.

a) Is it the alarm on the large box on the left? This alarm indicates that the pump chamber is full of water and for some reason the pump is not working. Put the toggle switch on the outside of the door in the Mute position to silence the alarm. NOTE: The red light will stay on.
Check pump breaker inside box to see if it has tripped. If it has, reset breaker. Pump should come on and sprinklers should start spraying. Leave toggle switch in Mute until sprinklers go off, then place back in the Run position.

b) Is it the alarm on the small box on the right? This control box controls the aerating motor only. Normally this motor runs 30 minutes ON and 30 minutes OFF all day long. The motor is under the concrete lid with the black cap. If box is alarming the first thing to do is push the blue rubber Reset button. If button does not trip out and alarm again, there is no need to call Hurt's.

If it alarms right away, open the door and move the toggle switch from the Auto position to the Off position and CALL HURT'S. Several things could cause this alarm. High water is one of them. Check pump breaker in main control box as stated above to see if it has tripped. If so, follow the above instructions. You will be able to put the toggle switch back in Auto after sprinklers have shut off.

If breakers are not tripped, leave switch in the Off position. This alarm, 90% of the time, does not prevent your system from pumping. The pump will still operate like normal.

There is an odor coming from the sprinklers.
This problem can be caused from a couple of things. Chlorine could be out in the system, check the chlorine supply.
The aerator may not be functioning properly. Have you heard the aerator cycling on and off? Check the aerator setting in the small control box or if the aerator is alarming, follow the procedures as stated in the alarm section.
I have not seen the sprinklers come on lately.

a) Do you have any alarms going off? Alarms could indicate there might be a problem preventing the pump from pumping.

b) If no alarms. Then are the drains working properly in the house? Slow drains might indicate that the system is not pumping down.

c) If no alarms or slow drains. The pump might be working, but you might have a break in the PVC line between the pump tank and the sprinklers. Check and see if there are any wet areas around the tanks or around the sprinklers.

d) If none of the above are happening, it usually is a good indicator that everything is working properly. NOTE: Sprinklers are usually set to run around 3—5AM.

Why are my sprinklers coming on during the day?

a) Normally the sprinklers should come on during the timed setting on the timer, which is around 3—5AM.

b) There is an override float switch inside the pump tank. This switch is labeled L on the drawing. If the water level reaches this float switch, due to heavy water use, then the timer will be bypassed and the pump will come on immediately.

c) If the sprinklers are coming on everyday at the same time, then the time needs to be adjusted on the timer. Power outage or main breaker disconnects will cause the timer to be off.

How do I reset my timer?
a) Open the door on the main control box on the left, the timer will be inside. On the timer you will see the numbers 1 thru 12 with AM at the 6 position; and 1 thru 12 with PM at the 6 position. Outside of the numbers are white pegs, one for every 15 minutes for 24 hours. All of the white pegs should be pushed out towards the back of the box accept between 3 and 5 AM. These pegs should be pulled in towards the center. In the middle right hand side of the timer there is a small toggle looking switch. This switch will always stay in the middle position. Above this switch is a small white triangle. To reset the time according to the time on your watch, grab the black band around the outside of the timer and turn it clockwise to the right. As you move the timer the minute & hour hands will move also. Turn the dial to the correct time until it is across from the white triangle, making sure you are on the correct AM or PM side of the clock. Each mark between the numbers represents 15 minutes. Keep in mind you are setting the timer to the correct time of day only. The white pegs that are pulled in between 3 and 5 AM activate the pump. The timer does not have to be reset after every short power outage, but over time they could add up to hours. NOTE: See control centers for visual.
How to clean the Aerator Shaft.
Turn the aerator control center (small control box) toggle switch to the off position. While wearing gloves, unplug the aerator and pull it out of the tank. If there is debris on it, wash it or pull it off. Reinsert the aerator and plug it back in, then turn the toggle switch on the aerator control center back to on. You might need to push the reset button. Please note that it is good practice to regularly (monthly) clean the debris off your aerator shaft.