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Specifications on pump tank used in conjunction with Norweco® 960-500 units and some 960-750 units.
  • Pump Tank Size: 890 Gallons
  • Pump: 1/2 hp, 20 gallons per minute 115V
  • Pump Float Switches: 3 switch system
  • Pump Switch - Normal operation. When fluid level reaches high enough to pick up float, the pump will turn on with the time set on the control center.
  • Override Switch - When fluid level rises to this float and raises it up, the timer will be bypassed and the pump will come on automatically any time of day.
  • High Water Alarm Switch - When fluid level rises to this point and raises the float you receive get an audible alarm and a visual alarm. This informs the owner that there is a problem with the pump or some electrical component. During this situation please call Hurt's as soon as possible. NOTE: There is a 24 hour reserve capacity.