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Control Center

Mounted Control Center
Inside Control Center
Timer for Control Center
Control Center with Time Clock – Automatically reduces operating cost
Every Singulair aerator is supplied with a pre wired electrical control center for fully automatic operation. The control center is contained in a gasket, lockable, corrosion resistant enclosure for safety and protection of components and wiring. Each control center is equipped with a circuit breaker that can be reset, an on/off/automatic selector switch, a red warning light, an adjustable time clock and an audible alarm. The time clock is factory preset for normal operating conditions, but can be adjusted by your factory-trained Norweco distributor if necessary. The Singulair system has been performance certified with the aerator operating only 30 minutes per hour. Intermittent operation results in direct savings in electrical costs and longer aerator life. The distributor's name, address and telephone number are prominently displayed on the control center cover. All system controls and necessary owner information are conveniently located at your fingertips.