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Can I have a water softener?
You can have a water softener, but the back flush or discharge CAN NOT be piped into the household plumbing or ran into the Aerobic septic tanks. It must be diverted elsewhere. This discharge will interfere with the biological treatment process in the tanks.
When do I need to have my tanks cleaned?
As stated in your Norweco owner manuel, the tanks will need to be pumped out every 3-5 years depending on use. If you have a large family and you use a lot of water you will need to pump the tanks closer to the 3 year range. Two person residences that do not use a lot of water can normally make it between 4-5 years.
Can I have a garbage disposal?
A garbage disposal does not hurt the system, just keep in mind that the more you use it, the more waste you are putting into the system. This could increase the pumping out time frame and certain materials could actually harm the system.
What shoud I not put down the drains?
No chemicals, grease, lint, scouring pads, diapers, sanitary napkins, cotton balls, cotton swabs, cleaning rags, paper towels, dental floss, strings, cigarette filters, rubber or plastic products, paints and thinning agents or drain cleaners. These products will cause damage to the system and over time will impede the bacterial process.
Do I need to use septic products that are advertised on TV?
These products are not necessary for the proper function of an aerobic system. The bacterial process is sped up by the operation of the aerating motor, which is labeled H on the drawing.